12-13 CLUB

425 South Second St.
Hamilton, OH  45011
Phone: 513 737-0857
Monday - Friday (O)(D) Discussion 9:30 am
Monday - Saturday (O)(D) Discussion 12:00 noon
Tuesday & Friday (O)(D) Discussion 9:00 am
Tuesday - Thursday (O)(D) Discussion (Lead on Wed.) 8:00 pm
Monday (O)(12) Power of 12&12 8:00 pm
Friday (O)(D) Heart and Soul Women’s Group 6:30 pm
Friday (O)(D) Candlelight 10:00 pm
Saturday (O)(D) Men’s Group 10:00 am
Saturday (O)(D) Anniversary Night (last Sat. only) 7:00 pm
Saturday (O)(D) Discussion
Lead on 2nd and 4th week
9:00 pm
Sunday (O)(D) Discussion 11:00 am
Sunday (O)(D) Discussion
Lead every other week
2:00 pm
Sunday (O)(BB) Big Book 5:30 pm
Sunday (O)(D) Discussion 7:30 pm

In keeping with AA’s primary purpose, Club Listings are provided and may be of interest to the recovering alcoholic.
In keeping with the AA Traditions, AA does not endorse, finance or accept contributions from these clubs.